Our Vision

We honor you for the noble call you have answered! Shepherding God’s people is one of the most challenging and rewarding of all human activities. (1Tim. 3:1)

Our leadership team at The One Association Churches has observed a truly disturbing trend. We have seen many pastors, true men of God whose desire is to genuinely care for the Body of Christ, become isolated. These leaders and their families have often labored without the benefit of fellowship with peers and nonetheless are attempting great things for God. Ironically, they are left in the position of encouraging their flocks towards significant fellowship and connection, while they themselves along with their churches move towards isolation.

In many cases these pastors’ only crime is that they sought to follow a new direction given by Christ only to encounter carnal competition. Among those working in the Kingdom these things should be unheard of, unfortunately they are all too common and come at much too high a price.

The One Association Churches has been formed to remedy these problems through:

 Sharing of encouragement = fellowship without competition.

 Sharing of resources = sacrificial sharing without expectation

 Sharing of calling & wisdom = mentorship without control.

Simply put we are uniting around the concept of self-sacrifice rather than self-promotion…the Kingdom without carnality.

While there may be many doctrinal differences among us, we believe these to be the irreducible minimum areas of agreement within our association.

1. Baptism of the Holy Spirit - as exemplified by the personal and corporate manifestations of HIS Gifts.

2. Lifestyle of Evangelism and Missions - Personal and corporate involvement in local, national, and international ministry.

3. Historical Christian Orthodoxy - While differences will undoubtedly exist among us, unrepentant illegality, immorality or heresy will not be accepted.

Who We Are

What We Do

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